Saturday, 28 January 2012

Some days

Do you ever have those days when you feel like the worst Mumma in the world??  I was trying so hard today not to raise my voice but no matter what I couldn't seem to keep everyone happy. Ears were not working.  It started with an early morning as usual, washing day, five loads of washing, stripping and re-making three beds, keeping the kids clean, feed and happy etc. 
I heard crying when I was out at the washing line so I dashed inside to find DS1 with blood streaming out of his nose - DS2 had whacked him in the nose with a matchbox car :(.  Timeout for DS2 which resulted in him falling asleep. 
I had to go to the bathroom at one stage so I pulled the plug out of the side of the paddling pool which was still set up in the backyard since Australia Day.  I didn't want DS1 going anywhere near it when I wasn't nearby to supervise.  I came out to find that he was wet through to the skin, so this resulted in a time out, with many tears and screams. He woke DS2 up!!  I had to tell him that he wasn't allowed back in the garden for the rest of the day (the ultimate punishment for him).
There was incidents of headbutting, hair pulling and wrestling and multiple time outs.  By this afternoon I was just over it!!!  I put dinner on and had it on the table at 4.45 and the boys showered by 5.30.  When I had to replace the DVD for about the sixth time because DS2 would wait til we got it all set up again and then run and push eject, DS 1 started yelling at me and his brother, and generally having a melt down.  I decided I was done for the day..... Both boys were taken to bed, no cuddles, no stories.  Ten minutes later they were both asleep by 6.10 pm. 
So I have spent the evening feeling guilty and trying to figure out where I am going wrong.... can I create more hours in the day?  How can I be more involved with them and spend more time playing, and still manage to keep the house in one piece?
Tomorrow I will do a better job!  I hope that when I come back to this in years to come I don't have a pair of teenage boys who can't stand me because I was the cranky Mumma.  Although, DS1 says I am still his friend!  Let's just hold on to that as long as we can.....

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