Sunday, 5 February 2012

There is a little magpie speaking

This evening my sister and I took the boys on 'the magical mystery tour'.  This involves me either dropping various items at various locations (ie returning crockery after a party) or just driving where the road takes me, as I am bored of the usual night time routine and I need some time out of the house. The ultimate goal is to put both the boys to sleep - but this doesn't often happen.  Tonight was just a drive, quite a long drive.  DS1 went to sleep quite fast but DS2 was just babbling the whole way, to his baby (doll), to Mumma and all this was punctuated with random raspberries.  His vocab is small but the variety of noises that little man can make is quite amazing.

This drive reminded me of the magical myster tour we took to deliver the local Christmas cards in early December.  We drove all around the southside, and delivered all the cards and still the boys were both asleep.  I told DS1 that we need to have some quiet time so that DS2 could go to sleep. My sister and I were keeping silent in the front seat and trying very hard not to wet ourselves laughing.  With this DS1 started with eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwweeeeewwweee, followed by Mumma, Mumma, Mumma, Mumma, Mumma, followed by look at the Christmas lights, who put those lights there, look at the Christmas lights, who put those lights there, followed by there is a little magpie speaking, there is a little magpie speaking followed Mumma, Auntie P gone to sleep,  Auntie P gone to sleep (Sis was pretending to sleep).  This must have gone on for at least 40 minutes.  And then he was quiet for a minute and then out cold!  The boy could talk with a mouthful of marbles!!

DS2 had his swimming lesson this morning, he is doing quite well, but really isn't interested in doing much work.  He just enjoys being in the water, and seeing all the different people.  I can't believe this week he is going to be 2.  I have been looking at the photos of his birth, and I never quite comprehended the massive changes he has made in our lives.  He has made our DS1 a big brother who is protective and sharing (most the time) and become so responsible in his own little way.  Daddy has become more of a Daddy, spending more time at home.  I have learned that there is more room in my heart than I could have ever expected, that my mother's instincts are usually right (no matter what anyone says to me) and that every little person on this planet is different and so unique, no matter if they were made with the same ingredients and came out of my tummy looking like they could be twins!!

DS2 has been placed in an early language group to help him with his language skills by his speech therapist.  I hope this continues him on a road to being better able to express himself and work towards the goal of having him caught up on all his major milestones by the time he reaches primary school age.

I took DS1 with me to the hospital to visit my brother today.  I had told him that Uncle S had an accident and hurt his foot on the day that it happened.  A few days later I asked him if he would like to see a photo and he did.  He asked me if it hurt, I told him yes.  He asked if Uncle S had cried, I said yes and that was ok, because its fine to cry when something hurts us. The next day I mentioned I was going to the hospital and DS1 said I don't want to go, I am scared.  I told him I would be visiting after he went to bed, so he didn't need to worry about it. This morning I asked him if he would like to go and visit with me when DS2 was napping and he said yes.  He looked at all the pins on the outside for a good minute with a worried look on his face and then he was fine.  We took Uncle S outside in his bed and we did colouring in and chatted and DS1 was fantastic and behaved so very well.  I am very proud of him.  I have found that when we are doing something that might scare him (like when he had his needles or when he had to have a blood test) that if I pre-warn him and give him time to think things through and asks questions and resolve things in his own mind, that he copes so much better.  He has such a wonderful mind and he seem to work through concepts in his head and then he can tackle them without a worry.  Such a beautiful little boy <3

Friday, 3 February 2012

Bull Sugar

Its been a big few days - you know how it goes, it never rains but it pours!

Last week I received confirmation that DS2 had been placed in an Early Language Group to try to help him catch up with his speech progress.  Only problem is its on a Wednesday morning at 9.30, one of the 3 days a week that I work.  It means I am going to have to take another three mornings off, the other two mornings fall on a day when I am taking my sister for an MRI and when I have a week of rec leave (or sanity leave) booked.  It makes me thankful that I have a boss who is so understanding of children (even though he has none of his own) and is happy to work around anything I need when it comes to them.    So I need to make up two days of work, some how......

Earlier this week, I got a phone call at work from my brother fiancee to tell me my brother was on the way to the hospital, he had an altercation with a rock whilst out fishing and dislocated his ankle, broke both bones in his calf (almost to the knee). He has now had one lot of surgery and will have another lot next week to have have a bunch of pins and plates inserted.  Poor boy.  I can't even begin to imagine how much that hurt.  And he managed to injure his good foot, so now they are both bodgey.  He says it will help to even out his limp, and that he will walk with constant strut instead.  He has still got his sense of humour ;o)

DS1 has been testing me the last couple days, trying to see how many times he can do something he has been told not to before my head literally pops.  I am trying to keep it together!  Especially now DS2 is heading into the terrible 2s!  He has a temper and likes to headbutt when he doesn't get his way and is a tantrum thrower.  The joys.  Anyway like just like DS1 said to me yesterday - "its BULL SUGAR"!  I had to smile at that one :o)

Anyway I have to go, off for a last Friday playdate with my lovely chickies and their boys!  Shame about the rain, no park today!